Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone is welcomed to benefit from the courses. We invite all WEPs signatory companies and WEPs allies to encourage their employees to take the courses.
No. There is no fee to take courses on WEPs Learn. However, if you would like to support our work on learning, we welcome your donation to the WEPs Secretariat here.
No. You may take as much time as you need to enroll and complete the coursework. However, you may need to keep up with the learning to benefit from the certificates.
Yes. You have the option to take the quiz and receive a certificate. Once you have completed all the Boosters for Personal Development, you have the opportunity to take the quiz. Learners who respond correctly to 80% of the questions will receive a digital certificate of completion.
Learn more about the Women’s Empowerment Principles here. You can also access resources on WEPs implementation here.
Please email your questions to the WEPs Secretariat with WEPs Learn in the subject line.

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